Double-Sided Planetary Lapping and Polishing Machines

PR Hoffman’s role in the lapping and polishing industry began in Carlisle, PA in 1938, with the invention of the Hunt-Hoffman planetary lap machine by Grover C. Hunt and Philip Reynold Hoffman. The double-side planetary lap machine revolutionized the quartz crystal industry and the concept remains unmatched for consistent, reliable processing of parts requiring tight control of thickness, flatness, and parallelism.

From those very early days of the quartz crystal industry through today, and into the future, PR Hoffman Machine Products remains committed to building rugged, dependable machines and to assisting our customers to achieve their goals of quality, efficiency, accuracy, and precision.Throughout our 75-year history, PR Hoffman Machine Products’ Machine Division has focused on producing high quality double-side planetary lapping and polishing machines that last. Our current machine line spans the range from very simple and mechanical to highly advanced and computerized, with maximum part-size capacities ranging from Ø2” up to Ø30”. Given this range and the flexibility to customize many aspects of our machines, PR Hoffman can provide a machine to meet the needs of most any double-sided application.

We stand behind all of our machines with a standard 1-year warranty and dedicated service and support. Our machines are only successful if our customers are successful with them. We will employ all of the tools we have at our disposal to assure that success, from the years of history and experience within our company and our dedicated personnel, to the extensive network of vendors, suppliers, friends, and colleagues we have built over those years. We take pride in supporting our machines and our customers and will make every effort to keep our machines running and our customers productive.

PR Series

The PR-Series machines are simple, rugged, easy to use machines with a long history and proven track-record across many industries. They are sized to handle parts up to a maximum of Ø6.6” (Ø168mm), and feature a single motor with gearing to drive the Ring Gear and Center Gear in standard configurations as well as a Top- Plate Drive option.

PR-1 Double-side Machine

PR1 Machine Learn More

PR-2 Double-side Machine

PR2 Machine Learn More

Servo RS Series

The Servo-RS Series machines are our most advanced machines yet, featuring fully independent, programmable rotational speeds and tightly controlled downforce. PC controls with a touchscreen interface allow the operator to create, store, recall, and modify recipes that define all aspects of the machine process. With part size capacity up to Ø30”, there is a Servo-RS machine suited to just about any double-side lapping or polishing application you may have.

RS 1500 / 1900 Double-side Machine

RS1500 1900 Learn More

RS 3100 Double-side Machine

RS3100 Learn More

RS 5400 Double-side Machine

RS5400 Learn More

RS 6600 Double-side Machine

RS6600 Learn More

What's New

Now Introducing – CXT Templates – Chemically Resistant Templates

Designed specifically to be used with SiC wafers - CXT templates are a single shell construction that provides improved COO and increases life time while reducing machine down time - please contact us to find out more!

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