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Polishing And Lapping Carriers

Lapping, Grinding, and Polishing Carriers

PR Hoffman is a world leader in producing customized carriers for your processing needs. We offer unique types of work holders; lapping, grinding, polishing and insert carriers.

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Polishing Fixtures

Templates and CXTS

PR Hoffman custom manufactures waxless mount assemblies for any single-side process such as Silicon wafers, Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers, compound substrate wafers, glass wafers, ceramics, along with virtually any flat and parallel part that requires a polished surface.


About Our Products

Polishing Fixtures

Welcome to PR Hoffman, where precision meets perfection in the world of polishing fixtures. Our extensive expertise and commitment to excellence have established us as leaders in providing top-notch solutions for your polishing needs. As pioneers in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality polishing fixtures designed to elevate your polishing processes to new heights. Whether you are in the semiconductor, Silicon Carbide or precision optics industries, our fixtures are meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled results. At PR Hoffman, we understand the importance of precision in every aspect of your work, and our polishing fixtures are engineered with meticulous attention to detail to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Explore our innovative solutions and experience the difference that PR Hoffman’s polishing fixtures can make in achieving the finest surface finishes.

PR Hoffman is a world leader in the design and construction of polishing fixtures. We offer two different styles: the traditional polishing templates and the new patented CXT, chemically resistant templates. Templates and CXTs are uniquely designed to fit each customer’s specific polishing application and environment and are especially well-suited for use with Silicon Carbide substrates.



Polishing Carriers

PR Hoffman is a world leader in producing customized carriers for your processing needs. We offer unique types of work holders: lapping, grinding, and polishing carriers.

High quality lapping, grinding, and polishing carriers are a key component to the success of every double-side process.  Our knowledgeable worldwide sales team provides the technical support required to quickly offer customized solutions for all your double-side carrier requirements.  We stock a complete line of carrier raw materials and semi-finished goods to provide consistent delivery of quality carriers that ensure your process stability and part quality.

Designed with precision and crafted with expertise, our polishing carriers are engineered to optimize your polishing processes across a spectrum of industries, from semiconductor to optics and precision optics. At PR Hoffman, we recognize the pivotal role that polishing carriers play in achieving superior surface finishes. Our cutting-edge designs ensure uniformity, efficiency, and reliability, setting a new standard for polishing excellence. Explore the synergy of technology and craftsmanship with PR Hoffman’s polishing carriers, and discover how our solutions redefine the benchmarks for precision in your industry.



Polishing and Lapping Machines

Since 1938 PR Hoffman has been a market leader in precision double-side lapping and polishing.  PR Hoffman’s innovation continues with the ruggedly constructed RS 7600 which adds a higher level of control and efficiency to four-way double-side lapping a polishing.  The wide new features and options allow customers to customize their processes to acheive the highest return on investment and to reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (CoO).

PR Hoffman strives to serve all our customers with high quality lapping and polishing products. By developing long-term partnerships with a worldwide vendor base, we ensure that consistent, high-quality materials are always available.


Maintaining a leadership position as a global supplier to leading edge-technology industries requires a relentless commitment to quality. PR Hoffman’s commitment to quality is evidenced in our personnel, our facilities, our service and our philosophy.
Providing World Class Customer Service