Polishing Templates

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prhoffman polishing templates - woman tech removing film

Polishing Templates

PR Hoffman works with each customer to achieve an approved design so you can be sure the template you receive will meet your physical specifications and perform well in your unique processing environment. Templates can be used in any polishing application, flip polish, touch polish, single-side polish, or CMP. This product can help to save both time and money by eliminating the repetitive work required when wax mounting, de-mounting, and then cleaning the wax from the part. PR Hoffman custom manufactures template assemblies for any single-side process such as Silicon wafers, Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers, compound substrate wafers, glass wafers, ceramics, and glass along with virtually any flat and parallel part that requires a polished surface.


With your basic carrier head dimensions and your material type and size, PR Hoffman can begin the product design process. Other critical parameters include wafer size, hole diameter, wafer final thickness, work hole (pocket) depth, and characteristics of the wafer material.

Each template is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive, specifically suited to withstand the effects of the polishing environment. Our templates are assembled in a clean, climate-controlled environment to limit particle contamination. All template edges are milled smooth to prevent particle introduction during the polishing process. The final product is sealed in one-load packages to keep templates clean until use.


Polishing TemplatesWafer type and polishing environment will help determine the appropriate polishing pad for your application. PR Hoffman offers a variety of polishing pads to fit each application. Our line of pads, when wet, produces the necessary adhesion to hold the wafer in place. To ensure that the wafer stays in place, the custom designed and machined shell is manufactured from the  material most compatible with your unique environment.  Our shell materials are sourced to provide superior thickness control and optimum surface finish.


Polishing TemplatesPR Hoffman templates are made flat to stay flat. The buffed poromeric and non-buffed materials are backed by a non-absorbent, non-compressible film. The pad stays resilient evenly across the full width of the recess, producing measurably flatter wafers. Every template is lot number identified to ensure full lot traceability after removal from clean packaging. PR Hoffman maintains raw material traceability to production lot numbers for a minimum of 5 years. Each type of fixture lot is fully inspected by our highly trained quality team.

Standard Features

  • Flat – All pads are backed by a non-absorbent, incompressible film. The pad stays resilient evenly across the full width of the recess, run after run, producing measurably flatter wafers.
  • Long-lasting – Adhesives specifically selected for this application withstand the effects of the polishing process.
  • Clean – Templates are assembled in a clean, climate-controlled environment to limit particle contamination.
  • Prevent Scratches – All edges of the FR4 template are milled smooth to prevent introduction of glass fibers during polishing.
  • Load Size Packaging – Templates are sealed in durable plastic sleeves. Each package contains only enough templates for one machine load to keep them free of contamination until use.
  • Easy Installation – The template assembly is backed with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Just peel away the release paper and press the assembly onto the carrier, per the mounting instructions supplied with each shipment.
  • Common Sizes – Template sizes (up to 600mm diameter) for common silicon wafer and other substrates, for single-side polishers using waxless mounting polishers. Templates are completely customer specific so every order is made to the most current revision of the customer specification.  PR Hoffman realizes that every customer is not the same and requires their specific custom template.