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A world leader in the design and
construction of polishing fixtures

Polishing Fixtures

Templates and CXTS

PR Hoffman custom manufactures waxless mount assemblies for any single-side process such as Silicon wafers, Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers, compound substrate wafers, glass wafers, ceramics, along with virtually any flat and parallel part that requires a polished surface.

Chemically Resistant Templates (CXT) are purpose build for harsh environments and extreme pH levels. Template lifetime can increase by more than 200% by using CXT technology.
Our CXT templates are used by the top producers of silicon carbide wafers worldwide.
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Custom designs for
semiconductor processing


Lapping, Grinding, and Polishing Carriers

PR Hoffman is a world leader in producing customized carriers for your processing needs. We offer unique types of work holders: lapping, grinding, and polishing carriers.

PR Hoffman generates a custom drawing for customer review and approval before any products are made. This ensures our customers receive precisely the design needed for their process on every order.
Our insert carriers feature materials for each unique processing environment
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Industry leaders in lapping
machine & polishing machine
products committed to silicon carbide

Polished wafers must be consistent and error-free. PR Hoffman offers a full line of different mounting materials that hold the wafer in place and are compatible with your processing media.
Waxless templates and cxt save time and money by eliminating the work of wax mounting and cleaning
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