Insert Carriers

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insert carriers

Insert Carriers

PR Hoffman is recognized as a leading innovator and manufacturer of Insert Carriers, also known as Polishing Carriers, for the semiconductor wafer industry. The insert carrier is an exclusive PR Hoffman design widely used in the semiconductor industry (and other high value wafer industries) to protect the edge profile of the wafer while providing the strength and durability of a traditional steel carrier.

Custom Designs for Semiconductor Processing

PR Hoffman generates a custom drawing for customer review and approval before any products are made. This added service ensures that our customers receive precisely the design needed for their process, on every order.

Our insert lapping carriers significantly improve Total Thickness Variation. Using a unique combination of customized design and high-quality materials, the wafers are afforded greater freedom of rotation, which reduces TTV during the lapping or polishing process.

We offer insert lapping engineering from a variety of different high-grade plastics to meet the widest possible range of processing functions.

With PR Hoffman Insert Carriers, you get:

  • Custom designs we create, or we can put your own design ideas to work for you
  • Custom materials featuring our own licensed and patented designs
  • Carriers molded from proprietary grades and blends of long-lasting polymer
  • A wide selection of high-quality spring and stainless steels
  • Wafer sizes ranging from 100 mm to 450 mm in diameter
  • Used for silicon, sapphire lapping and compound substrate wafers