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Wafer-Level Optics

wafer polishing and lapping

PR Hoffman Machine Products specializes in wafer-level optics that enable your manufacturing line to create miniaturized optics for advanced semiconductors. With PR Hoffman, you can reduce form factors and get the proper lapping and polishing for optical glass wafers and optical lens wafers designed to support smartphones, tablets, lens, filters, mirrors and many more.

Rely on products from PR Hoffman to assist in the development of your own products or improve the quality of your current products.

Optical lens wafers and our top-tier technology offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Increased design flexibility with two-sided processing.
  • Cost reduction over the lifetime of your machine purchase.
  • Production time and labor decreases with automatic processing.
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Perfect Imaging With Optical Lens Wafers

Wafer-level optics continue to gain steam thanks to a modular development that supports increased manufacturing tolerances. Chief among these new tolerances is a commitment to image quality related to micro-optics stacks that rest directly on the CMOS image sensor.

Lowering Costs With Optical Glass Wafers

As the semiconductor products decrease in device size, so do optical glass and lens wafers. Technology continues to miniaturize with a focus on increased pixel density on smaller screen real estate, meaning lasers and sensor dimensions also must decrease.

Your shrinking footprint means great savings because smaller optics wear less against the optical lens wafer. Lower your total cost per lens with long-lasting wafers and improve the overall revenue of your business.

Thanks to reduced-dimensions, many have seen greater savings. This has resulted in wafer-level cameras replacing current barrel-type camera setups. Wafer-level camera production has already pushed passed the 1 billion-per-year mark, and most are meeting higher standards and manufacturing tolerances.

Start Saving Today

PR Hoffman offers a complete solution to your lapping and polishing needs. Ask about our full polishing and lapping machine product lines and support for a variety of applications, including:

  • Ceramics
  • Electronics
  • LED
  • Metalworking
  • Optics
  • Quartz
  • Semiconductors

Our Design and Process engineers can discuss with you in greater detail how PR Hoffman can best address your polishing and lapping requirements. With a special focus on your wafer-level optics needs, we can offer custom designs to achieve your desired results. We’ll also help you define your unique needs in order to suggest the latest technology and manufacturing equipment that will work with your existing equipment.

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