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Silicon Carbide Lapping

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Silicon carbide is a high band gap semiconductor that operates at higher-end levels of temperature, power and voltage. These allow top power devices to work in a wide range of industries, from telecommunications and small-scale electronics to hybrid-electric vehicles and electronic switches.

Previously, silicon carbide lapping and polishing was best suited for hardened metals because of the significant hardness and sharpness of the carbide. Thanks to modern developments, it can now be applied to fine-use materials that can be found in a variety of delicate situations. New slurries can improve silicon carbide wafer use to increase throughput and deliver excellent surface quality.

Silicon carbide has a sensitive brittleness and a tendency to break down during lapping or polishing, creating sharp pieces that can scratch your materials. To keep all of your equipment and materials safe, turn your silicon carbide wafer polishing needs over to the professionals at PA-based PR Hoffman Machine Products.

Machines for Processing SiC Wafers:

  • Semiconductor Devices
  • LED Devices
  • SiC Optical Applications
  • SiC Substrates
  • SiC parts for medical applications

Silicon: The Next-Gen Semiconductor

Silicon carbide wafers have been heralded as the latest and greatest wafers for semiconductors and other materials in the electronic and optoelectronic industries. Silicon carbide wafers offer a variety of features that you can take advantage of, including:

  • Best-in-class transient characteristics
  • High band gap
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced lattice mismatch
  • Significantly high thermal conductivity

Semiconductor manufacturers and others in the electronics industry have already used silicon carbide wafer lapping machines to support LEDs, high-frequency devices, high-power devices, devices that require high temperature tolerances and “green” GaN power devices.

Silicon Carbide Wafer Characteristics

Many silicon carbide wafer polishing materials include a petroleum base to help the long-lasting lubricant break down into small pieces with sharp edges. This allows for longer cutting compared to aluminum oxides.

We recommend limiting silicon carbide polishing and lapping to tougher materials such as valves and gears. Steel is the most preferred material for silicon carbide wafer lapping.

Get Ahead With PR Hoffman as Your Silicon Carbide Partner

PR Hoffman has a dedicated team of professionals to help with all of your silicon carbide wafer and processing needs. We stock a variety of raw materials to meet your lapping carrier and polishing template demands.

Contact us online or call 717-243-9900 to learn more about how silicon carbide can benefit your business. We’ll provide concise answers to all of your silicon carbide wafer lapping and polishing questions and help you find exactly what your operation needs.

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