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Silicon Carbide Lapping & Polishing

Silicon carbide (SiC) is rapidly becoming the wafer substrate of choice for most advanced high power and high frequency semiconductor devices. Electric Vehicles (EV & HEV), 5G Networking along with a myriad of Power Devices all use silicon carbide wafers as the base material for device fabrication. SiC thermal and electronical properties make it ideal for use in commercial power applications. A few of the major advantages of SiC based technology include higher power density, better heat dissipation and increased bandwidth capability.

High quality substrates are key to the success of all SiC devices. Every applications depends on a SiC substrate manufactured to be the solid foundation supporting devices used in critical applications such as communications, transportation, energy, industrial,and IT Power supplies.

PR Hoffman offers solutions for wafer processing that include Polishing and CMP machines, Polishing templates and wafer carriers that are essential in factories that manufacture the N-Type and Semi-insulating wafers. We support the SiC wafering process, helping customers manufacture the highest grade and quality of SiC wafers. Our time-tested equipment and consumables are essential in producing wafers that will be the foundation for SiC and GaN wide bandgap Power and RF fabrication facilities around the world.

PR Hoffman now offers a full line of equipment and consumables designed specifically to address the unique wafering challenges in the SiC process environment. We can provide solutions for all diameters and all grades of SiC wafer processing.


Servo RS 5400 Series Double Side Planetary Lapping & Polishing Machine

The planetary action simultaneously removes equal amounts of material from both sides of the pieces. Precise, asymmetrical removal can also be programmed when needed. The Servo RSTM 5400 planetary lapping and polishing machine can be modified to meet your processing requirements. Click here to find out more.

Insert Carriers


The insert carrier is an exclusive PR Hoffman design widely used in the semiconductor industry (and other high value wafer industries) to protect the edge profile of the wafer while providing the strength and durability of a traditional steel carrier. We also other proprietary insert materials specifically designed for double side processing of SiC substrates. Click here to find out more.


CXT – Chemically resistant Templates specifically designed for use in harsh CMP environments

Single shell construction to improve COO and prevent slurry incursion. CXTs are specifically designed to outlast other polishing work holders in SiC polishing slurries. Click here to find out more.


PR Hoffman Machine Products wants to be your partner in transforming your industry with silicon carbide. PR Hoffman is a leader in double-side lapping and polishing machines. PR Hoffman machines are designed to achieve exceptional parallelism and superior flatness on SiC wafers. We customize our machines to specially perform in your unique environment.

PR Hoffman also manufactures lapping and polishing carriers to match your SiC process and equipment set. Our staff is ready to help design your double-sided lapping and polishing carriers or your custom waxless mount single-sided polishing templates.

With over 80 years of experience in the field, We Know Innovation!

Contact us online or call 717-243-9900 to learn more about how silicon carbide can benefit your business. We’ll provide concise answers to all of your silicon carbide wafer lapping and polishing questions and help you find exactly what your operation needs.


What's New

Now Introducing – CXT Templates – Chemically Resistant Templates

Designed specifically to be used with SiC wafers - CXT templates are a single shell construction that provides improved COO and increases life time while reducing machine down time - please contact us to find out more!

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