servo rs mark iv

Servo RS ™ Mark-IV Series
Servo RS ™ Mark-IV Series

Model Mark-IV Standard Features

  • Cast iron plates with stainless steel inserts and stainless steel edge cladding
  • Counter-rotating bottom plate
  • Self-aligning swivel-mounted top plate
  • Independently programmable top plate, ring gear, and center gear rotation using velocity servo motor motion controls
  • Heat-treated stainless steel center and pinion drive gears
  • Servo-controlled downforce with load cell feedback
  • Pneumatic servo valve controlled air motor pinion gears
  • Thick-section plates and sub-plates for improved flatness and stability
  • Automatic slurry feed system
    • • Pump and mixer are remote controlled by process recipe
    • • Slurry tank and distribution lines, with recirculation available
    • • Variable speed propeller-style mixer with controls at mixer motor
    • • Variable speed, reversible peristaltic pump with controls at panel
    • • 10 gallon (38 liter) sluice drain tank with ½ HP (375 watt) pump and float switch, with integrated alarm and operator control
  • Automatic flush water system and hand sprayer
    • • Flush water is controlled by process recipe
    • • Flush flow control valve and distribution lines
    • • Two Teflon hand-held sprayers
    • • All components are compatible with deionized water
  • Automatic lubrication system with low level alarm
  • On-site machine install, set-up, and training
  • One year warranty
Servo RS ™ Mark-IV Series

Model Mark-IV Optional Features

  • Plates
    • • Stainless steel for polishing or fixed abrasive lapping
  • Digital guage
    • • Thickness control for lapping
    • • Crash protection for lapping and polishing
  • Slurry system
    • • Recirculating slurry
    • • Multiple or high-capacity peristaltic feed heads and distribution lines
    • • Centrifuge system
    • • Slurry tank heating and cooling system
    • • Variety of customizable configurations available
  • Chemical injection system
    • • Auxiliary peristaltic pump and tank system
    • • Chemical injection pump controlled by process recipe
  • Wide variety of accessories available

Model Mark-IV Machine Controls

  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
    • • Familiar platform
    • • Replacement PC/components readily available
    • • Easily accessible storage point for reference files
  • Capacity to store up to 31 recipes
    • • Each recipe may contain up to 14 ramp or lap steps
    • • Programmable ramp steps change speed and loads precisely
    • • Lap steps are steady process steps that are controlled by the timer or thickness control gauge.
  • Parameters controlled in each process step
    • • Top plate, ring gear and center gear RPM
    • • Load
    • • Slurry flow, chemical injection flow and flush water
    • • Time/duration
    • • Load proportioning for partial batch sizes
    • • Automatic speed calculation for symmetrical (top/bottom) removal
  • 2-hand controls to raise and lower top plate
    • • Rapid traverse above programmable float point
    • • Slow, smooth lowering onto parts from float point
  • Hour meter with alarm for maintenance scheduling
  • Low slurry alarm
  • Password protection with multiple levels of access
  • Touch Screen Interface

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