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Overview of Servo RS Machine Family

In 1990, PR Hoffman introduced the Servo-RS Model 1500, the first machine in its new Servo RS™ series. The design of this machine series drew from over 50 years of experience with developing and building double-side planetary lapping and polishing machines. In the following years, we have expanded and refined the family of Servo RS TM machines to include the model 1500, 1900, 3100, 5400, 6600, and Mark-IV machines, which feature nine carrier work holder sizes that range from 2.5” [64mm] to 31.5” [800mm] in diameter.

The base machine designs in the Servo RS™ series (with the exception of the Mark-IV model*), all employ a fixed bottom plate, independently programmable rotating top plate, center gear, and ring gear, and precise, servo-controlled down force control. We also offer a counter-rotating 4-way machine design option on the 1500, 1900 and 3100 models. All machine motions incorporate advanced drive technologies for precise control and high efficiency.

All Servo-RS machines utilize a common motion controller and Windows PC-based software with touchscreen interface. The machine mechanics and controls, together, enable a tremendous range of application capability. All of the machines in the series possess a level of control and finesse that allows them to span the range from aggressive material removal to the most delicate treatment of fragile parts. Additionally, we offer a range of optional features as well as design customization in order to enhance the individual needs of our customers.

Our machine design philosophy includes the use of heavy gauge materials. The rugged machine construction will withstand harsh environments and provide a stable platform for producing flat and parallel parts. The plate and sub-plate designs include extra thickness to help prevent distortion from heat and force, resulting in a flatter lapping or polishing surface for making high-quality parts. The Servo RS™ machine designs employ stainless steel hardware and polymer coatings, which protects parts exposed to process fluids against corrosion and makes cleaning easier.

* The Servo-RS Mark-IV shares most features and controls with the rest of the Servo-RS Series machines but utilizes a set of outboard air motor driven pinions, along with idler pinions, in place of a full ring gear, to enable very large part capacity in a compact footprint.

  • Retracted Ring Gear
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What's New

Now Introducing – CXT Templates – Chemically Resistant Templates

Designed specifically to be used with SiC wafers - CXT templates are a single shell construction that provides improved COO and increases life time while reducing machine down time - please contact us to find out more!

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