Scratch-Dig Information

Scratch-Dig Information

Scratch /Dig Optical Surface Specifications

A surface imperfection, such as a scratch and dig, can reduce the quality of high-precision optics. Scratch and dig specifications can be visual, although this only serves the purpose of determining quality on a cosmetic basis. More precise dig and scratch specifications are typically necessary to determine the possible impact of a dig/scratch on overall performance.

Until fairly recently, there was no standardized method of quantifying the size of a scratch-dig present on a surface, and manufacturing companies and others had no choice but to implement a highly subjective visual standard. It wasn't until the 1980s when more precise scratch dig specifications based on the actual measurement of the imperfection were developed.

Today, these dig scratch standards are used almost universally throughout the optics industry. They give manufactures a more effective way to gauge the possible impact of scratch/dig on part performance.

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You can learn more about optics surface quality specifications by reading below:

This document defines surface quality on optical components per MIL-PRF-13830B.


View Mil Spec


  • SCRATCH: Any marking or tearing of the part surface.
  • DIG: A small rough spot on the part surface similar to a pit in appearance. A bubble is considered a dig.
  • SLEEK SCRATCH: A hairline scratch.
  • CRUSH or RUB SCRATCH: A surface scratch or a series of small scratches.

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