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Sapphire Wafer Processing

Sapphire wafers and sapphire for optics and smartphone applications are an increasingly important manufacturing segment. Sapphire substrates for LED light-emitting diodes are contributing to energy savings, and the volume of sapphire wafers has increased dramatically.

Products for Sapphire Processing:

  • 3-way and 4-way servo machines
  • Carriers for DSP Sapphire lapping & Polishing
  • Templates for Sapphire single side polish
  • Templates for DSP Flip Method polishing

Proper sapphire wafer processing requires a special focus. On processing pressures and temperatures. When you select PR Hoffman to help you plan for your sapphire wafer processing, you can increase your daily yield while reducing errors.

Synthetic Sapphire

Synthetic sapphire is a hard, chemically inert, monoaxial crystal material which has excellent optical properties, and thermal stability to 1600ºC and a melting point of about 2045ºC, and has one of highest hardness of all materials, after diamond and silicon carbide (SiC).

Sapphire substrates and wafers are chosen for a wide range of technologyy and other industries because they provide:

  • High-thermal stability
  • High-thermal stability
  • High-strength requirements
  • Hardness
  • Transparency

The PR Hoffman Servo RS Series Sapphire Lapping and Polishing Machines

After wafers are sliced, they need to be ground or lapped to a precision thickness before polishing. The PR Hoffman ServoRS-5400 & 6600 models of double-side sapphire lapping machines offer the largest processing capacity in its size-range machine while maintaining the necessary pressure.

The Servo RS Series machine family sapphire polishing and lapping machines are specifically designed for the processing of thin and fragile parts. All Servo RS machines include computerized programming for unlimited 14-step recipes to enable processing of virtually any application. These machines also include a Windows-based PC operating system with user-friendly touch-screen input for unlimited storage and easy access to recipes and other technical resources as needed.

All Servo RS sapphire substrate polishing and lapping machines offer precise pressure control, automatic plate flattening, speed and load ramping, and a retractable ring sprocket that allows for easy sliding of parts off the edge of the plate, minimizing the possibility of damage.

If you require an asymmetrical top-to-bottom removal ratio, choose the Servo RS series. It is designed to be quickly and effectively switched to ratios as great as 50:1. Minimize the impact to one side as you significantly remove material from a single side of your sapphire substrate.

The Servo RS Model 1500, 1900 & 3100 machines now feature both 3-way and 4-way motion for maximum precision and processing flexibility.

Servo RS 5400 & RS 6600 features and benefits include:

  • Extremely high production capabilities
  • Cutting-edge touch screen control and variable speed brushless DC servo drives
  • Sprocket tooth pin drive system for reduced carrier wear and lower operating and maintenance costs
  • High-quality design and construction for years of reliable service to your business
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Low cost of ownership and unbeatable value

Sapphire Wafer Substrate Manufacturing

Sapphire wafer substrate manufacturers are constantly investigating methods needed for making sapphire wafers for LEDs power semiconductors, watch glasses, and other sapphire substrates.

Sapphire wafers are typically lapped using double-side lapping machines to reach desired thickness (~450um before polishing) and then single-side polished using waxless polishing templates to reach final thickness of 430µm needed for C-plane GaN LED's.

The process of making sapphire wafers is one that heavily relies on PR Hoffman's double-side machines and single side polishing templates. These can quickly be fit into your existing lines and customized to meet your specific demands for optimum processing.

Look to PR Hoffman for Reliable Sapphire Substrates Solutions

Consider PR Hoffman Machine Products for your consumables (lapping carriers & polishing templates) for the highest machine technology available to make today's sapphire substrates for LED's, optical and smartphone sapphire wafers.

Since 1938, PR Hoffman has been a leader in the development of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and processes for all types of high-tech industries.

As a global company we are able to serve the needs of companies located around the world. Our extensive line of polishing and lapping machines, carriers, templates, plates and gears are known for their ability to exceed the highest global quality standards.

PR Hoffman implements a partnership approach to working with our customer base. We work jointly with you to solve your processing needs, realizing your success is the key to our success. We firmly believe this approach is what has allowed us to thrive in such a highly competitive industry for more than 75 years.

Our Commitment to You

As part of our ongoing effort to serve our customers and maintain the highest standards for quality, we’ve instituted a comprehensive quality program for every department in our company.

Our staff also includes a full-time quality engineer and quality manager, and we make use of the most innovative machinery and technology at our Carlisle, PA manufacturing facility. We have access to an extensive worldwide vendor base to ensure we can procure the best in class raw materials to manufacture the highest quality finished products you need, when you need them.

Feel free to contact us or call 717-243-9900 for more information or to get concise answers to your sapphire processing questions. Don’t forget to ask about options for on-site set-up, operator training, maintenance training, and ongoing support for any machinery provided by PR Hoffman.


What's New

Now Introducing – CXT Templates – Chemically Resistant Templates

Designed specifically to be used with SiC wafers - CXT templates are a single shell construction that provides improved COO and increases life time while reducing machine down time - please contact us to find out more!

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