Model PR-2
Model PR-2

Model PR-2 Standard Features

  • Equipment
    • • 32 tooth carrier configuration
    • • Smooth cast iron plates
    • • Stationary bottom plate
    • • Floating, non-rotating top plate
    • • Cast iron ring and center gears
    • • Driven by single variable speed motor
    • • Mechanical transmission drives the outer ring gear and center sun gear at fixed gear ratio
    • • Overrunning clutch provides soft stop at end of process cycle and allows operator to manually rotate ring and center gears
    • • Bottom plate height adjustment mechanism
    • • Post and hanger for storing top plate when machine is not running
  • Control console
    • • Illuminated start/stop selector switch, master speed control knob, manual or timer control selector switch, emergency stop pushbutton and main disconnect selector switch
    • • Digital process cycle timer control
  • Top plate manually raised and lowered onto parts being processed
  • One year warranty
Model PR-2

Model PR-2 Optional Features

  • Plates
    • • Serrated cast iron for lapping
    • • Stainless steel for polishing or fixed abrasive lapping
    • • Ductile Martensite iron fine-grain lapping plates for scratch-free lapping of parts with fine particle slurry
  • Stainless steel ring and center gears
  • Digital guage
    • • Controlled by Windows® PC and integrated touch screen
    • • Thickness control for lapping
    • • Crash protection for lapping and polishing
  • Thickness measuring gauge – Simple indicator gauge mounted on top plate, alternative to digital gauge thickness control
  • Automatic Lapping Control (ALC)
  • Automatic slurry feed system
    • • Pump and mixer are remote controlled at machine control console
    • • Slurry tank and distribution lines, with recirculation available
    • • Variable speed propeller-style mixer with controls at mixer motor
    • • Variable speed, reversible peristaltic pump with integrated controls
    • • Variety of customizable configurations available
  • Top plate drive configuration - Useful for lapping very thin or fragile parts
  • Teflon hand-held water sprayer – Compatible with deionized water
  • Wide variety of accessories available

Model PR-2 Machine Controls

  • Emergency stop pushbutton
    • • Meets standard safety requirements
  • Sizing selector switch
    • • Choice of time, manual or gauge process control functions
  • Integrated slurry pump controls
    • • Remote controlled by process cycle
    • • Variable speed pump control knob
    • • Indicator light
    • • Reversing switch
  • Variable speed lapping machine control knob
  • Illuminated machine start and stop selector switch
  • Digital thickness control gauge
    • • Thickness control for lapping
    • • Crash protection for lapping and polishing
    • • screen operator control using Windows® PC
  • Digital timer
    • • Controls process cycle time when "time" mode is selected
    • • Also used to track elapsed time during manual or gage lapping processes
  • Machine Controls

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