PR-Series Machines

Overview of PR-Series Lapping and Polishing Machine Family

The PR-Series of double-sided planetary lapping and polishing machines (PR-1 & PR-2) is the direct descendant of the original Hunt-Hoffman Planetary Lap. With a time-proven design and thousands of machines built, the dependability, versatility, ease of operation, and low cost of ownership of the PR-Series machines are tough to beat. The PR-2 is a compact, bench-top configuration and the PR-1 is a larger, free-standing configuration with a storage cabinet and work surface. The two machine configurations are well-suited to laboratory, research and development as well as production environments. The PR-Series machines feature four carrier work holder sizes that range from 2.5" [64mm] to 6.9" [175mm] in diameter.

The base PR-Series machine design employs a non-rotating top and bottom plate, variable-speed outer ring gear and center sun gear drive, and down force that is generated by the freely-floating top plate. The planetary action simultaneously removes equal amounts of material from both sides of the parts being processed.

The PR-Series machine configurations provide capability for a broad spectrum of precision processing requirements on parts that are thin and fragile, parts that have a high aspect ratio and parts that have a low surface area.

Our machine design philosophy includes the use of heavy gauge materials and high-quality electrical system components. The rugged machine construction will withstand harsh environments and provide a stable platform for producing flat and parallel parts. Additionally, we offer a range of optional features as well as design customization in order to satisfy the individual needs of our customers.


What's New

Now Introducing – CXT Templates – Chemically Resistant Templates

Designed specifically to be used with SiC wafers - CXT templates are a single shell construction that provides improved COO and increases life time while reducing machine down time - please contact us to find out more!

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