Model PR-1
Model PR-1

Model PR-1 Standard Features

  • Equipment
    • • Choice of four carrier (work holder) configurations: (13) 32 tooth, (8) 50 tooth, (5) 66 tooth, or (5) 85 tooth
    • • Smooth cast iron plates
    • • Stationary bottom plate
    • • Floating, non-rotating top plate
    • • Cast iron ring and center gears
    • • Driven by single variable speed motor
    • • Mechanical transmission drives the outer ring gear and center sun gear at fixed gear ratio
    • • Overrunning clutch provides soft stop at end of process cycle and allows operator to manually rotate ring and center gears
    • • Bottom plate height adjustment mechanism
  • Control console
    • • Illuminated start/stop selector switch, master speed control knob, manual or timer control selector switch, emergency stop pushbutton and main disconnect selector switch
    • • Digital process cycle timer control
  • Provisions for raising and lowering the top plate
    • • Top plate handles and a post and hanger for storing the top plate on the 32T, 50T and 66T configurations
    • • Top plate lifting device operated by 2-hand safety control pushbuttons and pneumatic system on the 85T configuration
  • One year warranty
Model PR-1

Model PR-1 Optional Features

  • NEW! Enhanced control: Dual motor option for greater control and flexibility
    • • Separate motors driving Ring Gear and Center Gear
    • • Self-flattening capability for reduced cost of ownership
    • • Six pre-configured Center Gear / Ring Gear speed ratios
      • • Low Mode (Center Gear rpm > Ring Gear rpm)
      • • High Mode (Ring Gear rpm > Center Gear rpm)
      • • Low/Medium/High Carrier Spin Settings in each mode
    • • Selector Switch on console allows switching instantly between active High Mode and Low Mode
  • A wide variety of plates custom designed for your unique lapping or polishing environment:
    • • Serrated Plates
    • • Stainless Steel Plates
    • • Lightweight aluminum top plate
    • • Ductile Martensite
    • • Wide range of top plate thicknesses available
  • Top plate lifting device with pneumatic actuation and incorporated safety features — Standard on PR-1 85T configuration
  • Automatic thickness control with integrated controls and crash protection
  • Automatic slurry distribution system with a variety of customizable configurations
  • Top plate drive configuration for thin fragile parts
  • Fully customizable carriers (work holders), brush carriers and conditioning gears made by PR Hoffman

To see all options and accessories, see our Machine Options brochure.

Model PR-1 Machine Controls

  • Touchscreen Controls
    • • Thickness control gauge
      • • Thickness control for lapping
      • • Crash protection for lapping and polishing
    • • Digital timer
      • • Stops machine cycle when "Time" mode is selected
      • • Tracks elapsed time when "Manual" or "Gauge" mode is selected
    • • Carrier rotation speeds (dual motor option only)
      • • Six unique speed combinations for ring gear and center gear
      • • Low/Medium/High carrier spins in both high mode and low mode settings
  • High mode/low mode selector switch (dual motor option only) — not pictured
    • • Reverses carrier spin direction relative to carrier orbit
    • • Allows switching between modes instantaneously while running
  • Integrated slurry pump controls
    • • Remote controlled by process cycle
    • • Variable speed pump control knob
    • • Indicator light
    • • Reversing switch
  • Lapping machine speed control knob
  • 2-hand controls to raise and lower top plate (located on base cabinet of machines with plate lifter option)
  • Illuminated machine start and stop selector switch
  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Power disconnect selector switch
  • PR-1 Single Motor
  • Dual Motor Control Screen

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