PR Hoffman Introduces the SSP-619

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The SSP-619, picture lit with purple and red.

PR Hoffman Introduces the SSP-619

PR Hoffman introduces an innovative new single-sided polishing machine to customers in the compound semiconductor, semiconductor, electronic, ceramic optic, sapphire, glass, and electro-optic industries.


The SSP-619 (six-nineteen) joins PR Hoffman’s current inventory of double-sided lapping and polishing machines. The new machine is named after its six, 19-inch polishing heads. Each head can be individually programmed with specific pressure and rotational control. Each of the 6 polishing heads can apply up to 1500 pounds of pneumatically controlled downforce and can rotate up to 60 RPMs.

The SSP-619 provides a single load/unload position.  The carousel rotates and positions each of the six heads, one by one, into the load/unload position, simplifying the process for the operator and making automation easier.

The control panel is located on a swivel arm that positions the panel precisely where the operator needs it for each task.  The user interface is intuitive and provides necessary information for maintenance and operation.

The SSP-619 will withstand the use of a wide range of slurries at extreme pH levels and temperatures. Exposed surfaces of the machine are chemically resistant to reduce clean up time and improve wafer quality.

The SSP-619 has the following additional features:

  • multi-step recipe creation,
  • unlimited recipe storage,
  • motor load monitoring and reporting,
  • plate and process temperature monitoring and control, and
  • slurry flow rate monitoring and control.

The SSP-619 will support cassette-to-cassette robotic automation to include the mounting of the wafers in templates, loading and unloading of polishing carriers, and wafer demount.

The design can increase customers’ batch polishing capacity significantly in an industry where silicon carbide microfabrication advancements are seeing new opportunities for devices in power and communication applications. These opportunities create higher demand for wafer manufactures that produce flat wafers with parallel surfaces, and the SSP-619 can help PR Hoffman’s customers meet this demand.

Contact PR Hoffman today to learn more about the SSP-619.

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