diamond lapping

Diamond Abrasive Processing

PR Hoffman Machine Products double sided machines are completely compatible with diamond lapping abrasive processing.

Diamond PelletsModel 3100 with Dopa Diamond Pellets

PR Hoffman can work closely with customers along with their specific diamond abrasive supplier to customize any machine to meet specific requirements for the application and distribution of diamond products. Along with seamless integration into our programmable control system.

Machines Equipped For:

  • Fixed Diamond Abrasive processing
  • Free Diamond Abrasive processing
  • Distribution systems designed for Diamond Abrasives

For advanced ceramics requiring dimensional flatness and finish, diamond abrasive lapping has become the key finishing technique.

Diamond Lapping Machine Advantages

Compared to traditional abrasives, working with diamond lapping abrasive solutions and machinery from PR Hoffman provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Aggressive and precise material removal.
  • Better than sub-micron surface finish — sub-nanometer finishes can also be accomplished.
  • Greener processing lines thanks to reduced waste.
  • Improved productivity of parts.
  • Uniform edge-to-edge flatness.

Commit to Consistency

Consistency is key — it’s a constant for every single aspect of your business. Using a diamond lapping machine is one of the fastest ways to improve your process and ensure that parts have a consistent feel.

We’re able to deliver a higher-quality commitment to consistency by selecting machines that provide you with top control over:

  • Bearing area
  • Charging process
  • Diamond slurry quality
  • Plate speed
  • Pressure
  • Slurry dispensing

Talk to us today about your options for diamond lapping abrasive solutions, such as films, compounds and slurries.

Meet Any Job’s Demands

PR Hoffman machinery is available as diamond lapping equipment to meet requirements for size, flatness and surface finish, from our basic 2-way machines that have been servicing the lapping and polishing industry for over 75 years, to our advanced 3-way & 4-way Servo Series of machines that offer superior control and programmability.

Find the right tool for your needs with the perfect combination of carrier teeth and types. They offer the support of up to 66" plates for your large precision-manufacturing requirements and solutions.

Contact Us Today

Contact our Design and Process engineers to learn how PR Hoffman can customize our machinery to fit your specific diamond lapping requirements.

PR Hoffman also offers custom design service for wafer lapping and polishing carriers and waxless mount wafer polishing templates for any step of your process.

Let’s start a new partnership today and work together to improve your operations.


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