Check out the Servo RS 7600

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Check out the Servo RS 7600

The Servo RS 7600 is another example of PR Hoffman’s cost-effective and highly reliable lapping and polishing machines. Contact PR Hoffman today to learn more about how the RS-7600 can increase your production and lower your cost of ownership.

PR Hoffman’s Servo RS 7600 enters our comprehensive line-up, as we continue to expand the Servo RS double-sided lapping and polishing machine product line. With new levels of sophistication, control, and capacity, the 7600 is the result of our designers and engineers listening to what you, the customer, has asked for.

The 7600 offers higher capacity production, larger part size accommodation, and improved process controls and efficiency.  The advanced capabilities of the 7600 include true, four-way rotation and water cooling for independent top and bottom plate temperature management.

The new remote HMI pendant maintains the operator-friendly features of the legacy recipe management software along with new ease of use features including:

  • production controls for single point load and unload indexing,
  • lifting jacks,
  • plate leveling,
  • slurry control, and
  • fault codes.

The graphical displays allow logging of critical run data including motor torque values, motor loads, axis speeds, and process data.

The 7600 features increased process pressure with a recipe-controlled available downforce from 100 to 5,000 pounds.  The single position load and unload facilitates operation with the unique end-of-cycle “return to home” feature. This feature aids in part tracking and auxiliary top plate drive for synchronized indexing, ensuring any parts that may adhere to the top plate will be located directly above their respective work holes and can still be tracked. This is key to both automated and manual operations.

The split enclosure guard enhances safety, is automation-ready, and makes cleaning and maintenance easy. All surfaces are painted or coated to resist process chemical interactions. The higher production capacity increases the overall throughput, taking double-sided processing to a new level.  The 7600 is versatile and can support high removal rates on robust parts, or it can be used for the light touch required by more delicate components.


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